Six Bike/Ped Projects Awarded Federal Funding

TAP_SRTS_MapThe New Jersey Department of Transportation (NJDOT), in collaboration with SJTPO and New Jersey’s other MPOs, have announced the recipients of the 2014 Transportation Alternatives Program (TAP) and Safe Routes to School grants. The six selected projects represent a $1.95 million investment in support of pedestrian and bicycle access and safety in the SJTPO Region.


Safe Routes to School (SRTS) Projects

City of Vineland, $275,000
Sabater Elementary Sidewalk Improvements

The City of Vineland project focuses its efforts in the area surrounding Gloria M. Sabater Elementary school, directly benefiting over 400 students. The project includes new crosswalks and stop bars at intersections; removal and replacement of existing sidewalks and curbs; upgrades to ramps at intersections to meet Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) design standards; replacement of any and all faded and vandalized signs, as well as the addition of Share the Road signage and mobile in-street crossing signage for use during school arrival and dismissal.

City of Cape May, $350,000
Cape May Bikeway Network Expansion

The City of Cape May project will connect the Cape May Elementary School with the US Coast Guard Training Center area, where over 60 percent of the students live. Improvements in the project include a bike lane on Pennsylvania Avenue from the Coast Guard Base to Michigan Avenue, a solar powered pedestrian/bicyclist activated warning flashing signal in front of the Elementary School; bicycle sharrows, bike racks at the Elementary School, as well as upgrades to meet Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) design standards.

Transportation Alternatives Program (TAP) Projects

City of Atlantic City, $966,000
Atlantic Avenue Improvements

The City of Atlantic City project will fund a portion of a larger effort to redevelop Atlantic Avenue to be more bicycle and pedestrian friendly. Improvements will focus on a two-block segment of Atlantic Avenue between Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard and New York Avenue. Improvements in the project include LED pedestrian crossing signals with countdown timers and audible speakers for the blind, crosswalk design improvements, way-finding signage, sidewalk improvements, bike racks, street lighting, access improvements to transit, and other streetscaping work.

City of Somers Point, $171,000
Somers Point Bikeway Extension

The City of Somers Point project will construct a 500-foot long, 10-foot wide bikeway extension to connect the Route 52 Causeway into Ocean City with the Pleasantville to Somers Point Bikeway. This project will make a vital connection between two of the most heavily used bicycle and pedestrian routes in the region, making walking and bicycling more attractive for both recreational users as well as commuters.


City of Egg Harbor City, $296,000
Atlantic Avenue Transit Path Extension

The City of Egg Harbor City project will build upon a number of efforts in recent years to improve access to the New Jersey Transit Railway and Bus Station on Atlantic Avenue. This effort will extend a pedestrian route from the rail station and bus stop down Atlantic Avenue to St. Louis Avenue then continue along St. Louis Avenue US Route 30. Improvements in the project include new sidewalks, curb, crosswalks, signage, drainage, upgrades to meet Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) design standards, and related roadway repairs.

City of Millville, $517,000
Maurice River Bikeway Trail Extension

The City of Millville project primarily includes 1.4 miles of new bicycle lanes from the Sharp Street Park to the Union Lake Wildlife Management Area. Bike lanes will follow along Sharp Street, Cooper Street, Schoolhouse Lane, and Carmel Road. Improvements in the project include mostly new bike lanes, but will also include shoulder widening, new sidewalk, signage, and other, pavement markings. The project will also serve as a connection for students at the Mount Pleasant Elementary School.


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