South Jersey Transportation Planning Organization

Cumberland County Bike Ped Safety Action Plan

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The South Jersey Transportation Planning Organization (SJTPO), in partnership with Cumberland County, and the Cities of Vineland, Millville and Bridgeton, developed a Bicycle and Pedestrian Safety Action Plan for Cumberland County.

Bicycle and pedestrian safety is a pressing issue. The county has high bicycle and pedestrian volumes, and an unacceptably high number of crashes – 65% of bicycle and pedestrian crashes were injury crashes, and 5% were fatal.

The goal of the Cumberland County Bicycle and Pedestrian Safety Action Plan is to advance multiple bicycle and pedestrian safety projects on county and local roadways, within Vineland, Millville, and Bridgeton.

The Cumberland County Bicycle and Pedestrian Safety Action Plan:

  • Prioritizes locations with the greatest bicycle and pedestrian safety needs
  • Develops crash and speed reduction strategies
  • Prepares bicycle and pedestrian projects for New Jersey’s Local Safety Program

By employing a strategic, data-driven, and community-driven approach to project identification and advancement, the Cumberland County Bicycle and Pedestrian Safety Action Plan serves as a model for improving bicycle and pedestrian safety in the South Jersey region.

Why Vineland, Millville, and Bridgeton?

Vineland, Millville, and Bridgeton contain over two-thirds of the county’s 157,000 residents, with the remainder of the county dominated by less populated farmland or woodlands. The rural nature of the county, combined with an abundance of natural resources and preserved land, tends to concentrate walking and biking trips within the three cities – 91% of bicycle and pedestrian crashes are concentrated in the county’s three urban centers.

Bike and pedestrian: Crashes, fatalities, and injuries (2012-2016)

crashes and severity graphs

Learn More

This outreach video was created to provide background on bicycle and pedestrian statistics within the focus area as well as to detail the steps of the project, including having residents partake in the selection of project locations and safety countermeasures.
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Proposed Improvement Areas

Based on public outreach conducted in 2018-2019 and the analysis of crash data, the following areas have been identified as unsafe corridors for bicycles and pedestrians.

To reduce crashes and improve safety, SJTPO is proposing a series of bicycle and pedestrian safety improvements on these corridors.

BRIDGETON – Irving Avenue
Bridgeton Atlantic Street corridor
Millville - 3rd Street-Wheaton Ave Corridor
Millville - High Street Corridor
Vineland East Avenue

Safety Toolbox

The videos below describe potential countermeasures that could be implemented to enhance/improve safety. Please note: these videos have been included as a reference and not all these countermeasures will be implemented in Vineland, Millville, and Bridgeton.

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Pedestrian Crossing Islands Countermeasure

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Pedestrian Beacons Countermeasure

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Leading Pedestrian Intervals Countermeasure

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High Visibility Crosswalks Countermeasure

video overlay

Bike Lanes Countermeasure

video overlay

Curb Extensions Countermeasure