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Public Involvement Plan (PIP)

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The Public Involvement Plan (PIP) documents the rules SJTPO will follow and identifies methods that SJTPO will utilize to ensure that planning efforts include the region’s public to the greatest degree reasonably possible. The PIP is reviewed annually and updated on an as-needed basis.


In accordance with Federal guidance, SJTPO strives to provide a transparent public involvement process to ensure that plans and programs include the region’s public to the greatest, reasonable degree. SJTPO also aims to create a more meaningful and proactive public involvement process.

To accomplish this, SJTPO offers reasonable access to information to all segments of the region’s public, timely public notice of meetings and comment periods, full access to key decisions, and support for early and continued involvement in the development of the:

In addition, SJTPO understands the inherent need to develop public understanding and support of its activities. To accomplish this, SJTPO maintains public involvement procedures, which meet and exceed federal guidance, and support the following major goals:

  • Define a transparent set of guidelines that SJTPO staff adheres to when conducting public engagement efforts;
  • Establish the tools and techniques used to reach the region’s public; and
  • Undergo periodic evaluations to determine the effectiveness of SJTPO’s public engagement procedures and updates to the PIP, as needed.

Social Media and its Impact on SJTPO’s Public Involvement Procedures

SJTPO understands that the region’s residents lead active, busy lives, which means that not everyone can attend in-person public engagement events and meetings. Knowing this, SJTPO maintains various social media platforms as an additional method to reach the region’s public and highlight key activities and initiatives. Facebook and Twitter are the two social media platforms used by SJTPO to disseminate information regarding upcoming meetings and events, newsletters, reminders about public comment periods, and to share the activities of staff members and other regional transportation planning matters.

Any comment the SJTPO receives via social media that adheres to the SJTPO Social Media Policy will be responded to and added to public record, as appropriate.

Read our Social Media Policy

Available Accommodations, Including Translation Services

SJTPO strives to ensure the region’s public can fully participate in public involvement efforts, projects, and programs. SJTPO makes available accommodations for individuals with disabilities and those with limited English proficiency. SJTPO public meetings are held in ADA-accessible facilities and transit-accessible locations whenever possible. The SJTPO website features an Accessibility Menu compliant with ADA legislation and standards. The Accessibility Menu allows the website and its content to be more user-friendly and understandable for all visitors. The SJTPO website can also be translated into multiple languages using the translation tool located at the top of each page. Furthermore, SJTPO works to accommodate all reasonable requests for translation, interpretation, and auxiliary services. SJTPO encourages that requests be made at least seven days before public meetings to ensure that SJTPO can secure the requested services. Requests can be submitted through the form below, emailed to , or by calling the SJTPO office at (856) 794-1941.

Translation Request Form

To help the region’s public understand the accommodations available, an Accessibility Brochure has been created.

Accessibility Brochure (PDF)

Accessibility of Plans, Studies, and Records

All draft and approved plans, studies, and records produced by SJTPO are available online, at the SJTPO office, and at select libraries in the region, which make major government agency documents available for viewing by the region’s public at no cost.

If an individual is unable to view plans, studies, and records on the SJTPO website, the SJTPO office, or at the select libraries in the SJTPO region, noncolor copies may be requested. Copy fees are $0.05 per letter page or $0.07 per legal page. The requested plans, studies, and records may be picked up at the SJTPO office for no additional charge or mailed at the receiver’s expense. SJTPO may waive totals under $1.00. Printing and postage costs must be paid by the receiver before mailing. Checks or money orders must be made out to the South Jersey Transportation Authority (SJTA). Cash is not accepted.

Document and Records Request Form



  • 2024 Public Involvement Plan (Adopted 5/28/2024)
    • 2024 PIP Executive Summary (English) To be available at a later date
    • 2024 PIP Executive Summary (Spanish) To be available at a later date

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