South Jersey Transportation Planning Organization

Boards and Committees

Working to further SJTPO’s vision for a transportation system that is inclusive of all modes and users.

Policy Board

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The Policy Board is the governing body of SJTPO. The Policy Board provides direction and oversight and makes all final decisions on administrative, personnel, and financial matters, along with the approval of SJTPO’s transportation planning documents and programs. The Policy Board consists of eleven voting members, who six times a year, typically on the fourth Monday, with meetings scheduled bimonthly. Policy Board meetings are open to the public.

Technical Advisory Committee

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The Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) provides a forum for discussion on regional issues and performs the essential function of reviewing and disseminating information. Ultimately, the TAC provides input to the Policy Board. The TAC comprises thirteen members of each Policy Board member’s staff, who are often planners or engineers. TAC meetings are typically held on the second Monday of each month. TAC workshops can also be held throughout the year. TAC meetings are open to the public.

Community Outreach and Engagement Committee

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The Community Outreach and Engagement Committee (COEC) enhances the scope of SJTPO’s public outreach and ensures that decision-making processes are based on diverse, inclusive, and equity-based information and viewpoints. Members, to the greatest extent possible, reflect the racial, ethnic, cultural, gender, age, geographic, ability, and economic diversity of the four-county region. Members come together at various times throughout the year to discuss important transportation-related issues and share information through their networks.

Freight Advisory Committee

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The Freight Advisory Committee (FAC) was established at the beginning of 2021 during the Regional Freight Plan Data Collection and Analysis technical study. The FAC provided valuable insight during the data collection and analysis study. Moving forward, the FAC will aid in developing and implementing the Regional Freight Plan and work to address other freight issues that arise in the region. Membership includes business and freight professionals from the public and private sectors, covering multiple freight modes and an economic development perspective.