South Jersey Transportation Planning Organization

Public Comment Period for NJ State Rail Plan

Jun 20, 2024

NJ TRANSIT and the New Jersey Department of Transportation (NJDOT) have completed a draft of the New Jersey State Rail Plan Update. New Jersey’s important rail network includes nearly 1,000 route miles of freight operations and 530 route miles of passenger operations. The rail system provides access to the state’s industries, ports, and economic centers for both goods and people. The purpose of the plan update is to:

  • Develop New Jersey’s 20-year vision, goals and objectives for freight and passenger rail service
  • Offer an opportunity for stakeholders and the public to provide input to the future of rail in the state
  • Identify rail service, infrastructure and policy needs
  • Provide a road map for improving/expanding rail service and rail safety
  • Provide an education in rail transportation
  • Coordinate with rail planning in neighboring states
  • Meet the state rail plan requirement in the 2008 Passenger Rail Investment and Improvement Act

Public review of the NJ State Rail Plan Update is open until July 5th. Please submit comments to .